It’s very bitter sweet for I’m leaving everything I know shortly after the Holidays. It makes it exciting that I’ll be getting my first apartment literally across the world, but then at the same time, scary for it is across the world away from everyone I know to help me. And I don’t know the language. Haha

Lately with all the emotions I get bad anxiety and get worked up about everything I have to accomplish. It’s easy to say “God’s got this” (and I know He does) but that is when you have to look back and remember all the peace and joy that filled your soul when you stepped out by faith to fulfill what God has called you to do. Remembering Who God always is to us is very important.

Flying on the other hand that long in the air is a whole different story for me. As I pray for safety on the plane and everything else that goes with it, this picture gives me comfort knowing His hands hold it all.

My heart can only sing,

“I am the maker of the heavens

I am the bright and morning star

I am the breath of all creation

Who always was – and is to come”

Amazed at God our Creator. In awe of Him.

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