I AM ALIVE! Haha I was so excited to see familiar faces after such long flights!!!

Thankful that I arrived safely in China. That was a total different experience. We actually got on a trolley and walked up to the plane like you see in the old movies! Lol

I arrived to Bangkok, Thailand at 2:00am, Tuesday, January 8th which was 2:00pm, Monday, January 7th for you all back home. First thing I did when I got to Thailand was put my hair up in a ponytail! I forgot how hot it actually is here! Haha

I got to my very own apartment and they had it decorated with a banner they made with streamers and balloons that said, “Welcome Home Morgan”! P’Pan knows me very well cause she had a cold Coke already waiting in the fridge for me. ❤

I ate tomatoes and eggs with rice this morning along with fruit that is from China, Japan, and Thailand! I’m already ready for another nap. haha

I’m so very thankful for each and every one of you praying for me! I truly felt it. Keep them coming! Much love

4 Replies to “I made it 1/8/19”

  1. Hey friend, how do I text you? I know you said there was a way. ❤️
    I can email if you want…tell
    Me what works best for you. Love you!


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