I’m sorry I look tired. It’s because I am. Lol I do feel a lot better though with Frosted Flakes in my tummy. 😉 I got everything unpacked this morning and all my books on the shelf! I never have a lot of time to read so this year before I go to bed I want to try to read more for encouragement and inspiration. But so far I’m too tired and wake up too early! Haha I have to give myself time to adjust to the time zone.

These flowers were in my apartment waiting for me when I arrived! They are absolutely bright and beautiful!! So thoughtful and sweet of P’Pan! Also Jennie got me a rose bush for my balcony.

Yesterday we had a meeting at the College with Professors and Teachers praying somehow we can teach them about the Lord! We sang worship songs together in English and Pastor Ben talked about how to become a new creation in Christ Jesus.

We have prayer meetings on Thursday nights as well afterwards at BCT (Bible Church Thailand). It’s neat because we always say what we are thankful for or what happened that week in our lives or what we have learned. It’s kind of like a “Facebook update” but thanking God out loud for what He has done in and through us. It makes you become aware of what God is doing in your life.

I encourage you to pick a day and write down a thank you to the Lord for what He has done in your life that week. It makes you have a very grateful spirit. 🙂

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