Sunday Morning at Bible Church Thailand

Today is the day the Lord has made!! And in that we can rejoice!

I feel like I belong in the movie Pride and Prejudice with this dress on and my hair up. Jennie insisted I get this dress at the market and I love creme and tassels. It’s so hot, I tightly curled my hair and pinned it up and I believe I’ll be wearing my hair a lot like this.

I can’t believe it’s been one week now since I said my goodbyes. I still cry thinking about it. The airport was a whole different experience that I will share sometime with you all. Don’t worry, it wasn’t that bad cause I am in Thailand now right? Haha

This morning is my only normal Sunday for next Sunday I will start teaching English. Today there is a guest speaker from America so he speaks English and it will be translated in Thai so I get a treat today for I will understand more of the message.

I know it’s Saturday night for most of you all now, so tomorrow morning as you enter those Church doors, don’t look at it as going in to fill a couple hours. Don’t look at it as putting your time in. Or maybe an hour to actually sit away from your tasks that await you this coming week. Be excited!! Today is the day you will get a message from God. Today is the day He made for you to worship Him! The true King of Kings!! Amen.

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