“You come a very far way then to tell a very big lie.”

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“You come a very far way then to tell a very big lie.”

I can’t believe it’s only been a week. A week ago I was flying over to Thailand. What a long flight that was.

This quote kept running through my head on the plane. It’s a quote from a true story of a Missionary movie I watched as a little girl. The Missionary asked one of the natives, “Why do you believe in what I say so much? You’re even willing to die for it.” The native replies, “You come a very far way then to tell a very big lie.”

As I’m traveling clear across the world, I ask myself, “For what?” I will always quickly blurt out, “To share the living Gospel!” But the real question that’s bothering me is that what kind of Gospel are we representing? Are we showing people that our God is only worth half our work? Half our heart? Half our attitude or even our worship of what we have left? We give everyone and everything during the week all what we had to offer, and we come to Church exhausted to put a couple hours in just to repeat the cycle again and again. Are we living a big lie to others of how a Christian’s life is portrayed?

Don’t get me wrong. We work. We cry. We eat. We laugh. We sleep. We live. That’s life. But do we love? Do we care? Do we think of others? Do we think what kind of difference we can make in someone’s life? Do we go the extra mile or are we too filled with what someone else isn’t doing that we rather not bother with any of it? Is our life shining for Christ that it would even shine to the other side of the street? Or is it shining of self…

What happens to the people that we encounter?

I don’t want to live a big lie. I want to live my life to the fullest to when I get to the Throne of Judgement that it will be Christ looking at me saying, “Well Done… My faithful..” I want to live as Christ lived. He loved.

4 Replies to ““You come a very far way then to tell a very big lie.””

  1. Sweet Morgan..you are wiser than your years. Thank you for sharing your heart and always encoraging those around you!💙


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