I think you can tell I’m a little excited!!! I downloaded The Pizza Company app and ordered pizza and had it delivered to the Church all by myself in less than 45 min! (I did not know this could be done!!)


I’ll be eating off of this for 3 days. Haha

Today I am at the Church for a meeting with Pastor Ben, Jennie, and P’Pan. We are discussing how we will plan out our year. We have a lot to pray about and a lot to accomplish and do for 2019!! Excited for what is to come – and to also eat this pizza!

Going on hour 4 now of planning, searching, and preparing lessons for students at RBAC and WICS.

Ying’s grandmother passed away so tonight at 7:00 p.m. we will be attending her funeral service. Ying attends Bible Church Thailand but her grandmother was Buddhist. She tried to share the Gospel with her many times and only God knows if she accepted or rejected Him in her final days. Since she was Buddhist, this will be an interesting funeral service. Please be in prayer for the family’s loss. We also want to pray that Ying will be able to share the TRUE LIGHT during this time of darkness. We will be right there behind her.

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