God is Personal

Today we had lunch with a lot of students between their classes at RBAC and also did Bible Study with 2 of them who did not have class today. Their names are Guide and Bella!

Our topic was “God is Personal”. Jennie and I taught them how you can experience God personally. He knows everything about you. He also has emotion. He is real. He experiences great joy and He does get angry when we sin against Him. This is because He is a jealous God. He love us and wants us to obey Him. Everything He does is out of compassion from His heart.

It was amazing for me to sit back and think about this. The god they are accustom to, Buddha, does NOTHING. He isn’t real. He isn’t personal. He knows nothing about them. He doesn’t have emotion. He didn’t create them. He can’t love them.

We are truly blessed to be able to open our own Bible, get a Word from Him, and tell God whatever is on our hearts. Every. Single. Day.

God becomes personal to you when you experience Him!

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