Night Markets

So in Thailand, night markets are like a huge thing. It’s a place where everyone goes to hang out at night. You don’t see them during the day, obviously they are there, but then at night they seem to pop up everywhere. AND they are huge!!! It’s made up of hundreds of little shops in rows full of any kind of junk you can possibly think of plus tons of different kinds of food.

With probably a thousand people crowded around shops, cooking food, light strands hanging everywhere, it’s a hot place where you feel like you can’t breathe and want to carry around a gallon of hand sanitizer. Lol

P’Pan and I ordered a potato on a stick with powdered bbq and cheese. I’m so ready to go back and get another one of these!!! We walked around for like 20 minutes (no joke) till Mek found something he wanted to eat. Fried insects. Yep. He ate them with a spoon like it was a bowl of cereal to him. I ended up trying a grasshopper leg but that’s as far as that got. Maybe one day I’ll be a little more adventurous and eat the head…just kidding.

3 Replies to “Night Markets”

  1. Oh my word I’m cracking up…because I watched Chelsea eat a chocolate cricket when she was in elementary school. We were at a summer reading program and they had teams and one of the things were to eat one. She was one of the only ones to eat the whole thing lol. I enjoy reading your blog!


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