Breaking News!

“Toxic Smog” settles over Bangkok in the morning and it looks like fog but it’s bad air pollution. Today, on January 19th, they are dropping dry ice in the clouds from helicopters so it will “rain” to get rid of the pollution.

Bangkok is in the top 10 cities of the world that have the worst pollution. It’s very unhealthy for you to breath this type of air in. This actually explains why I’m having so much trouble with dry eyes, itchy nose, and a cough. (Yes, I am taking my vitamins)

A lot of Thai people wear masks daily when they are outside to try to keep them from getting sick. (I have another solution – quit eating raw pork and raw seafood and that will help haha) I know that won’t help the air but you know, it’s still a great idea…lol

They only allow you to buy one mask at a time, afraid they won’t have enough for everyone. I don’t know how long this mask will actually stay on me….I feel like I’m suffocating in it.

*If mask is worn for over 48 hours, you will notice that your body weight will start to deflate. True Story.

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