Today is the day that we start teaching Students from RBAC at Bible Church Thailand! I made this brochure we passed out to the students.

First session will be studying grammar, writing, vocabulary, comprehension, and conversation.

We break for worship and also I’ll be playing/singing a special at Church. I can by no means play the piano or sing very well, but everything that has breath can praise the Lord! It’s all for His name to be lifted high! Plus my students want me to. Haha Only because I am an American they give me so much grace. 😉

Second session is Sunday School! They do not know this part, but I’m teaching on Lazarus and how Jesus raised Him from the dead. Things that look impossible in our lives or even if it looks too late, we can always turn to God!! He is the answer.

Pray with me today that:

#1. The students come because the classroom where I’m teaching is at the Church so they might shy away from coming.

#2. They will learn a lot of English and I will have the ability to answer questions they have and also the patience to talk slowly.

#3. They will feel the presence of God as we worship Him.

#4. That they will learn about the Lord and want what we have – Jesus Christ.

Thank you all for praying!! Happy Sunday!

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