Franklin Graham

Last night most of Bible Church Thailand took off to see Franklin Graham! We left at 3:00pm and it was from 5:30-8:30pm and because of traffic, we didn’t get home till around midnight.

It was a neat thing to experience!! The Live Thai Orchestra was absolutely breathtaking and amazingly talented!! Even though all the songs but two were in Thai (haha) I recognized “Shout to the Lord” and “God Will Make A Way”. I had a great time worshiping the Lord with thousands of people.

Franklin Graham came on at the end and preached a Salvation message about Zacchaeus and how the Lord wants you to come to Him. It’s all about our choice to choose Him and where we want to spend eternity. Every word was translated into Thai, and hundreds upon hundreds arose out of their seats and made it up front to accept Christ.

This is what it’s all about!!

The front wasn’t even big enough for everyone and there was a long line. I truly pray that these people meant it and will live a Christian life. I know the seeds were planted and praying for changed lives!!

3 Replies to “Franklin Graham”

  1. Wow! How awesome! Praise God! Matt and I watched the movie unbroken part 2. The man was and gold medalists runner and was in the military. He was a POW well after coming home he became a drunk. His was wife was going to divorce him until she went to a Billy Graham tent revival. She told him when she got home she wasn’t going to divorce him and she asked her husband to go with her the next night. Well he got saved and later worked for Billy Graham and they were close friends. It’s a true story. Had me in tears. Praying for all those who went forward tonight! ❤️


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