We were studying today at the Church about how to evangelize, prepare your own devotions for Bible Study, and how to share your testimony boldly with others.

Honestly, I was more excited for lunch cause I was in charge of making it today. (Haha) So of course I made Tacos!! This was everyone’s first time actually eating tacos so I was super excited for them to try it. I brought some taco seasoning over with me from America and grounded up some pork. They LOVED it!! They also ate all my quesadillas. So I think it was a hit! How I have missed my quesadillas!! (this is something I practically ate almost everyday in America) Now they want me to make it for everyone on Sunday and I’m wishing I brought five containers of seasoning for this stuff is precious to me!

It was so hot outside today plus cooking, I literally was so red! I look so mean in this picture too, but I was concentrating because the last quesadilla was almost the same color of the pan if you know what I mean…

(I am behind the Church where we do all the cooking and wash the dishes.)

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