The Cross

To be honest…

In America I actually don’t like jewelry with Crosses on them. I don’t think it’s bad. So don’t think I judge someone when they do wear one. (Obviously I have one on so let me finish my story) I just have always looked at the Cross as not some kind of decoration, but we need to take it seriously.

It is the greatest symbol of Sacrifice, Pain, Obedience, and Love.

It shouldn’t be something we take lightly or even forget about. The Cross wasn’t a beautiful thing to look at on the day Christ died. As Mary watched her Son hang on the Cross, we can’t even begin to fathom how she felt. It was also the day that we were able to ask forgiveness of our sins. It was at the Cross He laid down His life so that we might find ours.

As you can see I’m wearing a Cross necklace. Pastor Wayne (founder of OnePlusGod) told me that it would be a good idea to wear a Cross necklace as a symbol of my faith while in Thailand. At first I was like “ I really don’t like wearing them…” but out of obedience I started looking for one. As I looked and looked I didn’t like any of them. I finally found this one with 2 of them. It really stood out to me and I’m so glad I got it!! Why 2 of them? The big one reminded me of the Cross Jesus bore for us and then the little one is my own. The one I’m supposed to take up daily to follow Him.

As I wear this necklace it doesn’t mean that I have shared my faith and I’m done. Yes, it is good to wear it for the students to see that this is the symbol I represent. This is Who I live for. My King died for me. My King loves me. My King gave Himself for me. My King has a relationship with me.

But I wear this necklace more for a personal reminder to myself to pick up my Cross as Christ has done.

When my day isn’t going so well or how I planned it out, pick up my cross. When it’s so hot out I feel sick, pick up my cross. When I’m not feeling the best but I have to study and teach, pick up my cross. You can take and apply this analogy to anything with your own life. It’s all for Christ because of what He did for me.

Don’t take the cross lightly. Don’t just “wear” it but pick it up.

Sacrifice, Pain, Obedience and Love – Daily

“Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.”

Luke 9:33 NKJV

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