Mushroom Ice-Cream

These are my friends, P’Pan and Stamp! Stamp is twenty-two years old and gave her life to the Lord this past Christmas. It takes a long time to build relationships, and that’s exactly what Bible Church Thailand has done with so many people. Stamp is one of the many.

P’Pan goes to her apartment weekly and does Bible Study with her to help her learn. She is going to school to become a Hotel Manager. When she is done with her exams, we hope to study English together as well as encouraging each other in the Lord.

Honestly when they asked me if I wanted some mushroom ice-cream I about gagged. Mushrooms? Mushrooms in ice-cream?! Are you serious? I don’t even eat mushrooms on pizza! As far as I’m concerned, mushrooms should always stay on the ground.

They actually eat ice-cream in a hotdog bun with corn kernels on top. (Don’t try this at home folks.) They just have different combinations here that’s for sure.

So I tried some of P’Pan’s and actually thought it was pretty good and got some!

We were at the Kaset Fair they have once a year in Bangkok. We only got to walk the “Plant” section and it was probably two miles. We were too exhausted to go look at anything else. (Go on my FB and you can watch the video of how crowded it was there!)

The pollution is worse! If you remember me posting about it a while back, Bangkok was tenth as the worst city. We are now the third! People ask me what it’s like. It’s like walking through a dust storm with no breeze, and makes you feel like you have terrible allergies. My eyes are dry and burn a lot, scratchy throat, and itchy nose.

So with that being said, just put a mask on your face. You’ll feel great! Haha

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