Thankful for Jennie

Well at least we have fun when we have to wear our masks right?! I totally look like a complete white giant compared to her. Haha

At the community the kids were learning English words and on the flash card one of the words was “tall”. The kids turned around and pointed to me and then we all started laughing. It’s nice that when they see the word “tall” they think of me. Cracked me up.

I’m so very thankful though that I have someone here who speaks English and has taken me in as a friend immediately with no questions asked. There’s a job to be done and students to be won over to the Lord – so let’s do this!!

Jennie has an amazing story full of adventures of being in the ministry and slowly but surely if you’re following this blog you will hear about them!

She originally wasn’t going to be here during the time I was but the Lord dealt with her heart to stay and work in Bangkok while at the same time the Lord dealt with my heart to go. It’s amazing how God makes it all work together and we each have our prayers answered. Romans 8:28

Jennie – to have an English person come.

Me – to have a translator most of the time.

The Lord is always faithful. I love her and we always have a good time being together!

Please be in prayer for Jennie as she takes off now to Laos 🇱🇦 on a Missions Trip as a translator this week. She is helping the people there get glasses and medical help in the jungle.

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