Floating Market

A Floating Market is when you’re on a River Boat and there are tons of shops they stop at on the river. You have to hop on and off if you want to look and shop around. (Yes, sometimes it’s a farther jump than you think from the boat to the deck.) You have about 10 minutes to look around. I definitely kept my eye on that boat making sure it wouldn’t leave me there!

This is definitely a fun thing to experience for there are different foods to try and purchase. There are more handmade items here for souvenirs as well.

So when you jump off the boat you take of your shoes right? I thought to myself, “There are so many shoes!! How do people keep track of which ones are whose?!” Well sure enough my flip flops went off on someone else’s feet. And I found a pair similar to mine so that had to start a domino effect. (Sorry person!)

FYI: If you get motion sickness though…River Boats and Floating Markets will not be your thing. Yes, they are fun and all but you can also go to the Night Market on Saturday night and almost experience the same thing – on land. It made me so sea sick that I wouldn’t mind if I never went on one again.

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