Chinese New Year

So celebrating the New Year in Thailand is like Christmas in America but without presents. Thailand does celebrate Christmas but it’s honestly not that big. It’s more commercialized than anything. Celebrating the New Year is totally their thing! We are now in February and people still have hanging up on their shacks or window shops tacky foil signs that say, “Happy New Year – สวัสดีปีใหม่”.

So today is Chinese New Year and everything is in red & gold and beautifully decorated. It’s a big holiday for even Schools and Colleges have closed. I thought I was in Thailand? Not China! Haha But it is an Asian Celebration that everyone loves to celebrate! It’s been fun going around Bangkok sweating to death listening to Chinese classical music or seeing things all decorated up with paper lanterns.

So the tradition is to wear a red shirt and I wanted to share with you guys mine!🏮🎎🎏🧧🎐 Happy New Year Folks! I pray 2019 is a good one.

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