One Month – Part 2

Now that I have been here a while, I’m getting used to the traffic. I use this time to worship the Lord for a long time (haha) in the car. I still have to pray for patience though.

My apartment is smelling better! Thank the Lord for air fresheners everywhere. Now I have a lot of my own things in the apartment, I feel like it is more my own.

I brought my own Ortega taco seasoning with me from back home, so I have been able to cook ground pork and make some taco salads! A HUGE praise report is that I actually found tortillas!! One of my favorite things to eat.

As for my hair….One of my friends here got the same hair cut as I did. She had the same problem. It’s too hot here for long hair but after she cut it she cried wanting her long hair back. The next day she ran into a girl beggar on the street and she noticed her head was shaved. As she stood there looking at the girl, she realized that she should be thankful that she had hair to cut plus still have some on her head. She could be in that girl’s shoes begging on the street with her head shaved, but instead she’s healthy and alive and has a place to lay her head (with hair) at night.

Yep. I was convicted. So moving on…

People are starting to get used to me so they are opening up more trying to speak and learn English. It’s hard for me being such a talkative person to speak super slow, but I’m thankful for all the chances I get for conversations. The language barrier will always be a daily struggle though of feeling left out.

Even though I get super nervous every time before I teach, speak, or have Bible studies with the students, once I get started I get more and more confident. I love doing it!

I know that this part doesn’t get any easier but actually harder is not seeing my parents and brothers. I am thankful though for the technology we have to be able to “keep in touch” everyday unlike all the missionaries from the past who didn’t.

I know that Thailand is the same since I have arrived. Well the pollution is worse. Haha

Don’t get me wrong in my last blog. I wasn’t complaining or making it sound like this isn’t a livable place. It is. Over 11 million people live here. Obviously. It’s super crowded. I was just sharing with you from my heart how I felt the first day I arrived.

It’s now a month later, and it’s me that has changed. All because God has helped me. He has changed my perspective. He has changed my attitude. He has helped me overcome fear, not that I’m never afraid.

This does not mean that I still don’t have a

hard time with any of these things though. I do. I’m just thankful that God is working in me to change my perspective on things and see what truly is important in life. My heart is filled with Jesus and I feel so much closer to Him.

God is not concerned about our comfort. He is concerned about our character.

P.S. I love lanterns!

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