“Stop Reading Your Bible”

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“Stop Reading Your Bible”

The title probably shocked you as much as it did me when I turned to the next chapter of my devotional. I was like, “Say what?” Devotionals are supposed to encourage you to read your Bible! Not tell you to stop. I had to quickly read on and I learned not to judge one sentence so fast…maybe I should get the whole story. It was one that really sunk in my heart.

We need to stop reading our Bible as a duty we check off our “to do” list. As Christians we get in a routine. GUILTY. I’m definitely one of those people. I love to plan. I’m totally a planner! I have all the details written out day by day, what times, and what I need to accomplish. But if we read our Bible to just put it down and not live it out, then what good is reading it? We need to LIVE IT – daily.

Most of you have probably read Psalm 119. It’s a pretty popular chapter for it’s known as the longest chapter in God’s Word. Today verses 33-40 jumped out to me! I read it over and over again.

Teach me.

Give me.

Lead me.

Incline my heart.

Turn my eyes.

Confirm to “me”.

Turn away.

I long for You!

This is what it’s about. It’s more than just reading your Bible to check off your list. It’s about making it your prayer. It’s about becoming your lifestyle. We need to get into God’s Word so it can get into us. When it gets into us, we are walking examples of Christ. Let this be our prayer. When we do, He gives us life.

It’s not about how much you read. Sometimes less is more. If our goal is to read 5 or 6 chapters a day and learn nothing because we were flying through them, then what good is it doing? What good is it doing your neighbor? Nothing. Stop reading your Bible to just read it. Start reading to LIVE IT. Meditate on these simple verses. //Psalm 119:33-40\\

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