God is Limitless

Have you ever been praying for an answer from God and literally been like, “Is it this one or is it that one?” trying to figure out which answer is the best choice to go with?

I have.

And it normally doesn’t work out that way. You see God wants us to come to Him with our problems, but we shouldn’t give God options of which one He should pick in our lives. As I was doing this one night, God stopped me.

He said, “I am Limitless.”

I picked up my bowed head and was like, “WOW.” I heard God speaking to me and I have been doing it wrong all along. I was trying to figure it out in my own strength, what would be the best possible decision weighing out all the pros and cons of how this would determine my life.

That’s not what God wanted. We have a way of limiting God for we see what’s possible in man’s eyes and try to go from there. He wanted me to come to Him and simply wait to hear His voice. Today – start looking at life with God with endless possibilities of what can happen following Him!

I know without a shadow of a doubt my God is limitless!

He created this universe we live in with all its different climates. He created the galaxy we admire and can’t fathom how it all stays in orbit. He created the ocean and it’s powerful waves that stretch across the horizon. He created the depths of the green jungle to explore new things. He created it all the way down to the atoms that don’t even touch in the blades of grass. He created me. He created you.

Our God is Limitless! And it’s absolutely amazing to sit back and know we serve this great of a God!

*I took this picture right before we crossed over the river into the Karen State.

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