Chicken Hearts

Thursday was a busy, busy day. When we have a busy day this means yet again – dinner on the road. Jennie and I haven’t eaten in like eight hours because of teaching and being in class so we ordered some street food. (I’ll eventually put a picture on here of what that looks like! The streets are full of little carts of food and they cook it right there, and you just walk up to one that looks good to you.) We ate our food on the way to Prayer Meeting.

So I picked this kind of meat on a stick and some sticky rice. It was actually quite delicious, but it was the aftertaste that really bothered me. It almost tasted like blood. I finally asked Jennie what did I exactly order and she said told me chicken hearts. Oh. Ok. Enough said.

Next time I’ll just be better prepared for the aftertaste. I guess this is a normal thing people eat all over the world, but to me – I want my Wendy’s chicken nuggets pretty bad right now.

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