We Praise You!

Today we sang with the students, “I want more, more, more…of Jesus! We praise You!!” I can’t stop singing this song! Praising God for an awesome, twelve hour day at the Church.

We taught English, and also taught them how to make spaghetti. They weren’t as thrilled as I was eating it because it wasn’t Thai food. Haha But it was delicious!

We made a complete mess baking the pumpkin cake. (Ok, it was honestly me. The blender somehow got turned on while I was removing the bowl.)

After dinner, we had testimony time of giving thanks to the Lord. We also played games. I love playing games with college students for they are all so competitive. It was a lot of fun being able to spend so much time with each and everyone of them.

Thank you to all who support me monthly!! You fed all these students today with spaghetti, salad, and chips!!

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