China to Bangkok

China Airport was so sketchy, I would never advise anyone to fly to it. As I arrived, it was a nightmare. The ceiling was lower than most airports giving it an even “more crowded” feeling. My phone would not connect to their WiFi whatsoever wanting you to pay $10 for an hour. All the people in line were frustrated with it and we all refused to put in our credit card information.

First hard part was I had no idea where to go. There were no signs. No nothing. There were tons of men screaming in uniforms and I went to one and he pointed to go left. He wouldn’t even look at my ticket. So I prayed I was going in the right direction. After being in security for an hour, I went down this long dark narrow hallway. I kept thinking this could NOT be it! There was a room filled with people and the front desk had a destination taped to it that started with an “S” that we were flying to – not Bangkok. Great. I’m in the wrong place!

I turned around and there were five Americans (four girls and one guy) right behind me. I asked them where they were flying to and their destination was Bangkok as well. These people (we are around the same age) were following me cause they thought I would know what I was doing. Me? Really? They obviously don’t know me. Haha After asking a half a dozen people, we realized we were in the right place and could breath.

Well not too deeply. We had to sit outside the bathrooms and let’s say we couldn’t stop gagging from their sewer system. It was fun getting to chat with them for they to were traveling to Thailand for a few weeks so I got to tell them my experience from the last time.

Then it was time to board the plane. We all loaded up on a trolley in the dark, in the rain. We had to WALK up to the plane outside!!! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve seen this several times on John Wayne movies but not in the 21st Century. Everyone else was pretty shocked and it almost felt like you were taken prisoner and held hostage how it was all set up. My new traveling partners thought so as well.

At last on the plane….and my TV was broken. I was SO thankful though that both flights I had window seats!! I could not thank the Lord enough for that because I can’t sleep without a window seat!

Arriving in Thailand, I was hoping Jennie and P’Pan would be there for I had no way of reaching them, and thank God they were along with Pastor Ben. The minute I stepped off the plane, I put my hair in a ponytail. I forgot how hot it was in Thailand!

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