McDonald’s is Good For the Soul

Guys, this is a story where everything goes wrong but in the end, I thank the Lord I am alive, got my McDonald’s, and I still have a Microwave!

So Mondays are my days off to catch up on laundry, grocery shopping (it takes all day to get to a store and back so you have to plan these things out), study and send our weekly reports in to Pastor Ben of what we did the week before and what we are going to accomplish the following week.

Jennie was in Laos, and I decided I wanted to purchase a microwave. I knew exactly where there was one at – the mall. And guess what was in the mall? A McDonald’s! I haven’t had McDonald’s in a month and I desperately needed it.

Another thing is, to get places you have to take motorbikes or taxis everywhere. To be able to do this you have to have the GRAB app on your phone. Mine wouldn’t work for anything and this is not good for me at all!! After deleting and redownloading it five times, it still wouldn’t work. After being frustrated with this app for a week, I decided to pray that it would work for it was my only way to get to the mall. It opened up and I was able to call a motorbike! Praise the Lord!

On the way to the mall, I realized pretty fast that a motorbike was not a good idea even though I saved 45 minutes of not staying stuck in traffic. This dude was flying and my helmet flew off! I was able to catch it but good grief. When you’re riding a motorbike they go right in between cars that if you put your hands out, you could touch both vehicles on the sides of you at the same time!

All of a sudden I hear the loudest screeching sound as I see within arms reach of me a huge truck and two taxis smash into the back of the truck. The traffic was stopped on the right of us but apparently they weren’t paying attention. I would be surprised if the drivers made it. It was a terrible accident. I was in complete shock and thank the Lord for His protection. I’m such skittish person that I’m surprised I didn’t flinch. If I would have, it would have caused my driver to swerve to the left, hit the other moving vehicles, and caused an accident with the long line of motorbikes behind us. I’m also thankful that there wasn’t any debris that flew up and hit us!

After getting to the mall, I was pretty numb thanking the Lord that I was alive.

The McDonald’s was to die for!!! I’m just kidding but it was very delicious!

The Microwave though….that’s a whole different story for tomorrow.

If you can tell in this picture, McDonald’s menu is different in Thailand. They have pork and rice along with pork soup, corn pies, and sweet potato ice-cream.

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