So I like to think of myself as a person who thinks through things and I did – partly.

I made sure when I was done at the mall I got the microwave last so I didn’t have to carry it through the mall. I was on floor five and needed to get to floor one. After I got to floor one, I was already exhausted, heart racing, and face red. Then I stepped outside. I thought I was going to have a heat stroke. My weather app said it “felt” like 106 degrees out that day and I would say that was an understatement.

I had to go outside the mall and get across the street to get to the taxis. So I had to carry my microwave all the way down this huge, long escalator, walk across the street under ground, and back up the escalator. I finally got to a curb and a taxi was dropping a lady off as I’m waving him down!

I hurry and call P’Pan cause he has no idea where the address is that I told him. By this time I’m half in the car, half out wondering if he can take me home. Thankfully he figured it out. We talked the whole way there trying to figure what each other was saying and that was a lot of fun. He knows more American Celebrities than I do that’s for sure. Thankfully I have brothers so I was able to help him with the pronunciation of some the NFL and NBA player’s names. Haha

I made it to my street and got dropped off. I honestly contemplated leaving that microwave several times. It was just too heavy and I bought the smallest, cheapest one!

I ended up getting a big bruise all the way down my left arm from carrying that thing!! I know now every time I use it, I will be very grateful!!!

This picture is the walkway to go underground.

3 Replies to “I Got a MICROWAVE”

  1. Morgan, I’m loving reading all your experiences! What a fun way to travel – and I just get to sit here and be comfortable! Thanks for sharing so much. Praying you ALWAYS feel God’s presence with you – in each little fun circumstance!


  2. I love your Blog!!! I look forward to reading every single one. You’re the best at describing exactly what’s happening in your life there. Actually, you’re an incredible writer. Did you know that?! Lol
    Love you girl! So proud of you too!


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