For Such A Time As This

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For Such A Time As This

Esther was born for such a time as this. And you were too.

Anybody who meets me knows that I was totally born in the wrong era! I’m obsessed with swing dresses and adorable shoes. I’m all about going to an old fashion diner for a Vanilla Coke float! Black & White movies are my absolute favorite, and I know more about the actors and actresses from the Forties than I know about any of them now.

I don’t know why I was born in the 21st Century, but I can be thankful that I am living now where there is fast food instead of plucking chicken feathers (except they still do that in Thailand). God created us to be here at this specific time on this earth. He created us for now!

I have to remind myself of this because as humans we have a tendency of looking behind of what we could have had or ahead of what we really want instead of living in the moment that God has created for us now. We look behind to what we should have done better, it’s ok. This is how you learn and grow. Only look back from what God has brought you from and how much you have grown. Don’t live in the past. If Esther lived in the past she would have always saw herself as a poor, orphan girl who couldn’t amount to much.

Remind yourself that you were made for today! God wants you on this earth today and that, my Friend, is enough reason to live for such a time as this.

*This is a mini excerpt from what I taught on today to the English Camp students!!

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