Personal Note

One of the things I did for English Camp was I wrote a personal note to each student encouraging them in the Lord. I only knew a couple of them that were going, but honestly I didn’t even know those ones that well. I didn’t even know what to write or say to them. How am I supposed to know what they are going through? It had to be short and sweet because there were fifteen students plus they don’t know a lot of English. I bought these scripture and inspirational quote cards in America to hopefully use here in Thailand. I wrote all their names out and prayed for each of them. I taped the cards on the back of the paper and wrote on the other side encouraging them to serve the Lord.

As some of them received and read them, there were tears in their eyes. I wasn’t expecting that. But only getting two hours of sleep that night to finish them – I would say it was all worth it now.

Sometimes we wonder why we do what we do. When it sounds silly and think it won’t amount to much – we are wrong. We might not be able to save the world, but we know someone Who can. It’s our job to start with one life at a time.

So with that being said, do me a favor. Pray and then write a little handwritten card of encouragement to someone this week to tell them to keep going, keep trying, and that they are enough. It’s your choice to let them know if it’s from you or not. Everyone needs a little boost every once in a while. 😉

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