Step Out

Personally the Lord has been dealing with my heart about stepping out of the boat by faith. In Matthew 14:29 Jesus said, “Come”. When Jesus said to come, Peter got out of the boat with no hesitation. That’s how I like to think my life is – coming to Jesus with no hesitation. But I can’t honestly say that. Even when I do step out of the boat, while I’m on the water I look at the waves. I look at the storm. I look at the possibilities of what could happen. And I begin to sink.

At the English Camp we listened to the song, “Walk On The Water”. Being so young, I feel like I have already stepped out by faith in so many different ways. I experience Jesus more and more when I do and grow closer to Him. Why do I still look around in self doubt? The answer is in the question. I’m looking around. I’m looking at self. I’m comparing. I’m obsessed over something else rather than my eyes being on my Savior.

I want us to get this. Even though Jesus was WITH Peter and He was holding his hand, the wind didn’t stop when Jesus was holding Peter’s hand. The wind stopped when they got into the boat. We need to praise Him before the storm, during the storm, and after the storm.

We have the tendency to think that everything will be perfect when we have Jesus. It won’t be because the rain falls on the just and the unjust. There’s just no better feeling than someone Who is perfect that won’t let go of you.

So what are you waiting for? What do you have to lose? You were made for more so step out by faith even when it’s storming, even when you’re broken, even when you can’t see where you’re going, even when your heart is telling you to give up – step out and reach up! He will be there to hold your hand.

If God wanted you to stay where you are at He wouldn’t have said in verse 29, “Come”.

I still struggle with the fear of failing God or disappointing Him. I realize failing Him is not drowning in the water, but failing Him is staying in the boat. Yes, sometimes I have little faith like God says. But at least He sees me trying.

*My friend’s mom lives in one of these houses on the river.

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