Pray for Souls

Sometimes you plan and prepare for things to go right and they just don’t. That’s when you truly have to step back and ask God to take control and get self out of the way. And He did just that. I’m not going into detail what went wrong for I’m not here to complain, but I’m looking at it in the way God moved and touched lives and how He changed me.

“We walk by faith, not by sight.” Not what I see, but how God sees. Sometimes we have to be reminded of that.

At this English Camp I taught how important each and every life is to Him. At first I wasn’t going to talk about this, but the more I prayed the more I felt the Lord wanted me to tell them that their life matters more than they realize. They were created for a purpose (see blog “For Such A Time As This”).

We split the students into two groups, I took one and Jennie took the other. We wrote on pieces of paper what was our biggest fear then they handed them over to me.

The next morning I walked to the ocean and prayed over them and for my group, asking God what I should even say to them. (I have no idea what to say to them or even what they said for it was all written in Thai.)

We met in small group again before heading out, and I talked about stepping out of their comfort zone (see blog “Step Out”). I was able to share with them about Jesus Christ and He came to save them from their sins. Almost all of their struggles were about committing suicide. It broke my heart. With tears in their eyes, I prayed for each of them.

There’s a war going on that the eye can’t see. It’s dark. It’s blinding. As Christians we need to recognize this and position ourselves in prayer for others – young and old. The Bible says we don’t war against flesh and blood (Eph 6:12). The Devil does. He plays for keeps. Let’s unite together in prayer for souls!

*This is a picture of some of my students from small group being silly.

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