God’s Timing Is Always Perfect

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God’s Timing Is Always Perfect

I will be honest with you guys. I freak out about things and stress over every possibility that could go wrong. If you are friends with me on Facebook, a month ago I put this scripture, “Worry about Nothing. Pray about EVERYTHING” on there. (Philippians 4:6) Because I know I shouldn’t worry…but I do. I know my first response should be to always to pray…but it isn’t. I think until it hurts. I think about how to make things work a thousand times over in my head when I don’t see it happening.

Stop. This is when the Lord drops this verse into my head and tells me to stop. Don’t worry. Just pray. Just lean on Me. Look to Me. Stop. Don’t worry. Pray. LIVE. (I think we forget to learn how to just be thankful to live.)

That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to practice more. I’m excited to share with you all that God’s timing is perfect!! He literally does hold the whole world in His hands. I sing it, but until I actually see it, all I can do is look up and say, “Wow. Thank You, Lord, for holding everything.”

Some of you know I’ve been battling with my visa to actually stay in Thailand. My tourists visa is about out, and all the laws of been changed this year. It’s complicated to explain, but it’s a lot of work with the government and letters and documents and all that jazz. It’s not impossible. But we were praying for a less inexpensive way to go about it. Couple days ago I felt like it was time to go check out this school to learn Thai called, “The Knowledge”.

Jennie and I happened to not be teaching on Wednesday afternoon (we normally are at RBAC) so we went to check out this school for me. They are going to take care of all of my visas until December! They will personally escort me to the Thai embassy to renew them. (Huge blessing) At the same time I will be studying and trying to learn Thai. The classes are four to five days a week. Well, with all the teaching and work I do, that’s literally impossible. But guess what? They are going to work around my schedule for me every. single. week.

PEOPLE! Don’t you see?! If I would have went any sooner, it would have been too early. If I would have went any later, it would have been too late to apply and I would of had to go back to the States. God is SO good and His timing is always perfect.

When I freak out and don’t know what to do, this is yet another perfect example to just keep crying out to Him in prayer. He knows what He’s doing. It’s our job to LIVE for Him.

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