Papaya Salad

Today I signed all my documents to start school!! They also were having a free cooking class tonight, so I joined.

I learned how to make Papaya Salad vegetarian style for I’m allergic to the fish sauce they put in it. The main ingredient used in Thailand is fish sauce! To explain a little bit what fish sauce is…it’s fish guts. So the sauce is dark brown and stinks to high heaven. They even think it does. No joke. So we made it with Soy sauce tonight! Praise the Lord.

The ingredients include:

Raw Papaya







Soy Sauce

Long Green Beans



It took me an hour to finish my small serving of it for I used two chili’s – that was a hot mistake!! I was listening to the instructor and not thinking of how hot this would actually make it. I drank eight glasses of water and ended up eating a whole spoonful of sugarplum. I’m now telling you this three hours later, and my nose is still on fire while my face is puffy and red. Apparently Chili’s don’t settle very well with me.

In the future, I will now use not even a half of a chili. But over all, the experience was amazing and I love Papaya Salad!! (If I make it my way.)

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