Jungle Experience

I made it back safely from the jungle! I’m sorry I haven’t been on here for a while. I’ve missed not being able to post on my blog, but I’ve been so busy and absolutely exhausted.

Here is a little update about my last week.

It takes ten hours to drive from Bangkok to Mae Sot. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Wisdom Foundation Office which was very nice! We didn’t have running water and we only had AC in one room so it was very hot. We went to the jungle on Thursday and Friday. It was only for two days, but I felt like it was for over a week!

Those were the longest two days of my life! I think it’s because I literally didn’t sleep at all. It got to 102 degrees during the day and at night I believe it was around 35 degrees. Drastic climate change in the mountains that’s for sure.

Cracked me up cause Pastor Ben asked them before hand if it was going to stay hot at night and they said yes. From my experience in 2017 they said it was going to be cold at night. I brought my coat and fuzzy pants and ended up sweating to death. This time I only brought my sweater and about froze. Lesson learned. Their hot and cold words are mixed up. (Haha)

I honestly don’t know how people live like this. It was hard for me at first at just the Wisdom Foundation for there’s no AC, and the shower is a bucket with water in it you pour over yourself. I felt dumb for asking this question but I’m like, “Where do I brush my teeth?” They said, “Just spit on the floor and dump more water on it.” So the whole bathroom/shower/brushing teeth experience was kind of interesting. When you go to the bathroom your feet are always wet cause the floor is always wet. Since they have dirt roads outside and you walk inside with dirty feet + water = muddy feet and floors! It gets a little annoying but you get used to it.

On the way to the jungle though…there were no toilets. It’s funny how your perspective changes. In Bangkok I long for my beautiful, bouncy bed in America. When I’m in Mae Sot, I wish to be back in my apartment in Bangkok with a hot shower. In the jungle, I wish to be back in Mae Sot where there’s at least a cleaner shower and toilet.

One experience I had before we crossed the river was we made a quick potty break. Inside this small metal shack there were so many yellow jackets because the urine was so strong. I just prayed the whole time I was in there I wouldn’t get stung. So here’s a picture of that experience. The shower is the bucket on the right.

The next issue was the food….

2 Replies to “Jungle Experience”

  1. We are so fortunate living in America. I remember years ago when returning from Mexico, I kissed our dirt road in Lucedale, Mississippi and counted our blessings never to complain again.


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