Teaching the Children

By far this has been my favorite day ever in Thailand! I can’t believe it was already a week ago.

Here I am wearing a Karen dress. Karen is a different tribe of people that live in Thailand and Myanmar but really have no place to call their own. They actually have quite a few settlements in America! I know there’s one in Akron, Ohio along with some in Florida, Montana, and California. Their clothes are handmade and it’s absolutely amazing to watch. They are so gifted and such sweet people who need help.

Before we even started the class at 9:00 a.m., I played Uno with some of the boys and was trying to teach them the colors. Honestly I was trying to teach them how to play Uno. I have no idea where they even got their rules from. (Haha) Then we taught and sang motion songs with the children.

We had the children guess what country I’m from and it cracked me up when they all yelled, “FRENCH!!!” meaning France, then Australia, then Russia, then Germany…finally the oldest boy guessed America!

This day I did a salvation message with 32 children. To help them learn English, I gave them each a boiled duck egg. We went around the room asking them what they thought sin was. They said, “Lying, cheating on your girlfriend, alcohol, cussing, disobeying, selfishness…” I was quite impressed with the list they gave me for being Buddhists. I thought to myself that most Christians couldn’t give me that detailed of a list…moving on.

They had to write down the sin on their egg. The egg represented their own heart. It was hard, and now very dirty. All have sinned and fall short. No matter how hard we try to get the dirt off it will always be there. The Bible says that no one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven with spot or wrinkle on it. It looks like a hopeless situation, but God! The only way we can get rid of sin is to ask Jesus Christ to take it away.

We then cracked the egg as God softens our hearts and by asking Him, He takes the shell off and we are made clean. He makes us into a new creation.

When I asked if any of them wanted to ask Jesus in their hearts and make them clean again, all 32 hands went up. I’m not sure if they actually understood, but the seeds were planted. It was a great hands on project that I pray the children will remember.

I loved everything about this day except that it ended too fast. As soon as we handed them their food to eat, we had to start driving back to Bangkok for we had to lead worship, preach, and teach the next day.

These children’s faces will forever be in my hearts and one day I will go back.

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