I Hate Goodbyes

I absolutely hate them. But I had the best time in the world with my Daddy and brother, Matthew! I’m so thankful they were able to fly all the way across the world to see me. I’m truly blessed.

With my Daddy coming that’s truly a miracle in itself. Many people know my Daddy was severely sick for a whole year and was told he would never be able to travel. Now he flew all the way across the world and he did great even in the heat! I know that’s God! This was also Matthew’s first time leaving the USA so I’m glad he got to have this experience of seeing what it’s like outside of his own comfort zone.

It’s amazing how you can walk into a twelve story mall with air con then walk right outside to people living in shacks. There’s so much diversity here it’s crazy.

I got to show them around Bangkok and how to use a MRT and BTS (underground and above ground sky trains). They got to try all kinds of different foods that are Thailand’s specialties – some delicious and some not so great. Here in this picture we are at one of my favorite little restaurants down the street eating “Kaow Moon Dang”.

We got to worship the Lord several different times and do ministry together. One of my favorite things was getting to lead worship together like old times. It was literally a blast!! I miss this so much back home.

Being back home in America we are each so busy with our own work schedules that we don’t get to spend a lot of time together. This was truly a blessing to actually be together for a whole week!

I know I’m biased but I am blessed with the best family in the world. I only have God to thank for that!

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