I have to tell you that this really tested my trust. I knew that through this whole process this is what God wanted me to learn. He has been showing me everywhere I look, read, and pray – trust IN Him.

When all I can do is look at circumstances but literally can’t move or do anything about it, I kept asking God what do I do next? Did I really hear You right? Did I obey You correctly? Was there something I should have done differently? You know how your mind races from one thing to the next thing.

I honestly was stuck. I had no control over anything. Absolutely none of it. I had to just watch as God worked.

That’s so against our human nature, especially mine. I always want to make things happen and “get it done” kind of person.

The last book I just finished was called “Daring to Hope” by Katie Davis Majors. On this trip I remembered something she said – “There is always a ram in the thicket, because there is always the Lamb on the Throne.”

So good. He is always working behind the scenes. He is always on the throne. He always provides no matter how it turns out. We may not can see it in our natural eye but this is why we walk by faith and not by sight.

I’m so thankful that this process, as complicated and time crunching as it was, happened for me to learn to trust in God and that I’m on my way back to Bangkok!

Now for waiting in an airport for six hours with no seating, and it being 95 degrees. (Vietnam will probably never see me again if I can help it.)

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