Back in Bangkok

What an experience that was in Vietnam!! The money is quite different over there for they don’t have any type of coins – it’s all bills! I felt like a millionaire when the exchange place handed me a wad of cash saying 10,000 VND; come to find out it didn’t even amount to 50 cents in American currency. (Haha)

Jennie and I never could figure out the taxi situation. One time a white taxi was expensive so we took a green taxi and got a good rate. The next green one we got, he charged us triple the price refusing to go any lower. His meter, a box that adds up the time and money you owe, seemed broken it was going so fast. I accidentally mistook the 10,000 VND for 100,000 VND in my wallet so he basically took all the money I had.

At least we arrived at the Thai embassy and I picked up my Visa with no problem! Praise the Lord for such an answer to prayer! Now off to the airport!

Because of my mistake, thinking I had way more than what I had, Jennie and I couldn’t afford a taxi. As we started walking we realized the airport was way over an hour walk in 95 degree weather. We decided to take a taxi and see what would happen. (In my head I’m thinking all we are going to do is make a taxi driver really upset at us.)

I’m reading the book “God’s Smuggler” by Brother Andrew and it’s amazing how God just simply came through for him in every situation! So I prayed, “Lord, I know You see our situation down here with hardly any money. You came through so many times for Brother Andrew and You already have so many times for me. Just please slow down his meter so we won’t owe him extra.” And God did just that!! Double the distance we drove earlier, it was way under half the price and it ended up being all the money Jennie and I had left!

God is so good!! I was blown away! God hears and knows everything down to even our money situation!

Thankful for safe flights and I’m now back in my own apartment in Bangkok. I’m so very thankful for Jennie coming along with me!!! I couldn’t have done it without her! I’m so very thankful for OnePlusGod – Pastor Wayne and all the staff – making sure I had a safe hotel, good food, money, and always checking up on me. I’m so blessed to be working with such amazing people even if we are across the world from each other.

Thank you all for your prayers as well!! All glory to God!

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