Songkran Festival 2019

Not even being back in Bangkok for 10 hours, my friend Diamond messaged me and said he and his mom were on their way to pick me up. Pick me up? It’s Songkran Day! Not really knowing what that was, I got ready as quickly as I could and met them outside.

Songkran Festival is Thai New Year Day where basically everything shuts down for a week and people go back to their own villages. Around 8 million people left Bangkok! So the almost 3 million people that are still here have a huge water gun fight and everyone gets wet. To say I was wet is an understatement, I was drenched!! Being that I’m a foreigner, people would be screaming “American” as I try to run and hide, but this was impossible because they bought me a red flowered shirt.

It was literally a blast!!! And now I know why everyone loves Songkran!! It’s a time to act like a kid again squirting everyone with water!! (Haha) You even have to be careful because ridding a taxi motorbike – people are going to throw water on you! The streets are covered in water and everything is literally wet. Everyone just smiles, laughs, and embraces it!

If you haven’t been to Thailand, perfect time to come. It’s not as crowded, even though it’s the hottest month out of the year, but you will get cooled off with ice cold water!!

Thankful that Diamond took me to experience this! Nothing like walking around a shopping mall and bus stations dripping wet. #OnlyInThailand

Happy New Year again everyone – and this year is the Year of the Pig!! 🐷 Praise God for bacon!

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