Good Friday

I always wondered why it was called Good Friday because it’s not what I would really consider a “good” day. It’s the day Jesus died on the Cross. We have Black Friday for shopping and I would consider calling that a good day. I’ve always pictured the night Jesus died on the Cross to be a very long black night with clouds low in the sky. Yes, it’s good that He did it. There would be no way into eternity if He didn’t. But I never could wrap my mind around why it was called good.

Until one day I read this – “Good Friday is good because it reminds us that the good is often painful; that God’s will for our lives demands that we love until it hurts.”

In our minds, when we are going through a situation in life and we think it possibly couldn’t get any worse, let this be a reminder that joy comes in the morning. God is always at work, God has it already planned till the end, and nothing takes God by surprise. When it looks like we have come to a grave, a stop, a tomb, a dead end in our lives, He is going to resurrect it for His glory!

My twin told me that, “Hard doesn’t mean it’s bad. Hard is just hard.” So be encouraged that out of the hard things that we go through and have to do, that God is going to use that. He makes dead things become alive again.

Friends, something good is always going to cost you in life.

There is always a FIGHT before a WIN.


PAIN before there’s RELIEF.

So hold on because in three days, the Son is going to rise again!

I’m so thankful that God gave His only begotten Son so we have the choice to not perish, but have eternal life! I’m so thankful that He willingly gave His life for you and me knowing we might walk away. I’m thankful that He thought we were worth it.

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