We Are the Clay

I LOVE THIS PLACE. I’m glad my Daddy and brother got to experience it while they were here. It’s not what I would call a five star workshop but there’s a lot of art, a lot of history, and a lot of hard work and talent that goes on in this place. Being that there is an oven bigger than a vehicle, dirt floors, and a metal roof, that’s what I call a heat magnet. But when I come to this place I also see a spiritual lesson to be learned.

“You are the Potter. I am the clay. Mold me and shape me; this is what I pray.”

I’ve always wanted to make (or let me say try to make) something out of clay. As the man put the lump of clay on the wheel, I thought, “That is me – an ugly lump of clay.” He began to shape it, and as soon as he got a shape he let me take over. As my bowl was almost finished, I accidentally messed it up and the clay went flying all around. I was upset, but the man didn’t say anything. He simply grabbed all the pieces together and began to work at the shape again. He let me take over, then I made it too big. So he fixed it. He let me take over again, and the opening was too small. So he fixed it again. Repeating this several times I was surprised he let me continue to work at it. (It’s harder than it looks.)

But isn’t God the same way with us? How many times has God put our pieces back together? We mess up in life so many times, but God is always fixing us. He’s always there working on you without complaint. Let Him shape you into what He wants you to be. I’m thankful to actually have a “hands on” lesson about this. I felt like I was back in Bible times.

I look at my bowl and I see so many flaws. It’s not pretty or shaped perfect. Compared to all the others, it actually is quite ugly. But I also look at it knowing how much work I put into that and it gives you a new perspective on it. God made you – fearfully and wonderfully made – the hard times is what shaped you into you.

Keep trying. Stop comparing your life to other people’s lives. It’s not a race. But first – you have to get onto the wheel.

*This picture is the clay piece that my Daddy shaped.

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