Missions Trip in June

Yes y’all!! OnePlusGod and a group of amazing young adults are coming in June!! We already had our first meeting a couple of weeks ago. I was able to FaceTime the team so I didn’t have to miss it! Being that I’m on the other side of the world, it was 2:30 a.m. – 5:30 a.m. my time! I had coffee and a coffee Coke to wake me up and by the time the meeting was over, the sun was already peeking its way over Thailand. So there went my sleep! (Haha) I was wide awake!

I was so excited to meet and see everyone!! I’m even more excited about what God is doing and going to do in each and everyone of these students’ lives that are coming!! I already know several testimonies of students of how their faith has grown and they haven’t even gone on the trip yet! That’s what happens when you step out by faith and obey Him!

I love missions trips! I also am really excited to just speak with people who can speak English! But the point of missions trips is what I love. It’s not going to be all fun and games. Yes, we will have fun! It’s all new, so different and it makes it extra exciting! But my prayer is that it ignites the fire of God in each individual to realize that there’s more to life than where they live. It’s a time to get out from their own comfort zone to realize when they go back to where they live, they need to reach the people around them as well for Jesus!

I love organizing and planning so please be in prayer for me as I continue to do so. This is my first trip to help lead in how to prepare students in what to bring, do, and teach. Please be in prayer for the students’ hearts to be ready, the children up north we will be witnessing to, and also for the English Camp of Buddhist College students we will be teaching.

Later on I will go into further detail about what we will be doing while the team is in Thailand so you all can be up to date!! June 18th will be here before we know it! 😉

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