Happy Mother’s Day

I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mothers out there. Because of you, this world is a sweeter place.

Mothers encourage you. Mothers listen to you.

Mothers chasten you. Mothers hold you tight. Mothers laugh with you. Mothers cry for you. Mothers enjoy whatever you enjoy. Mothers love you no matter what.

I know without a doubt I have the best Momma in the world. She is my best friend. People also say she’s my twin sister and now that I’m getting older I have to say, I am looking more like her. More importantly, I want to look like my Momma on the inside.

I wrote this about my Momma four years ago. Some people may know I have a twin brother, Michael, who served in the Marine Corps over seas. As this memory popped up on Facebook, I couldn’t help but realize it’s still true today for now I’m over seas in Thailand.

“In the Bible there is a Mother who had to put her trust in God, put her baby in His care, and pray for everything to turn out ok. This lady was Moses’ Mother, Jochebed. When she was making that basket, she had no idea what the future held for her beautiful baby boy or her family. Little did she even know that one day it would be her son that would be named Moses – the one who would deliver them out of bondage. My Momma is a “Moses’ Mother” because she doesn’t know what the future holds while her son is fighting for our freedom and now her daughter on the mission field. She has to daily put her faith and trust in the Lord.”

Mothers – I am not a mother yet. It’s one of my greatest dreams to raise a family one day. I can’t imagine the love you have for your children. But I want to encourage you from a daughter’s perspective that the greatest thing I know you could ever do is giving them over to the Lord. It might be hard weaving that basket to send them off, not knowing what the future may hold. But as they fulfill God’s call in their lives, there’s no greater purpose than that! I know behind every child there is a Mother praying for them.

One day Momma, I pray I can be brave like you. I pray to love like you. I pray to live like you. Happy Mother’s Day.

“Her children rise up and call her blessed.” Proverbs 31:30

One Reply to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. This blog post especially touched my heart today! Thanks for sharing Morgan, you are the beautiful image of your mom in so many ways!


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