Rainy Season

So Thailand doesn’t have the seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Thailand’s seasons are hot, hotter, hottest, and rainy! April and May are the hottest months so I’m almost through with them. It’s still going to be always hot though.

Today it started to rain! I got excited for Thailand has been so dry and really needs it. I thought it would cool things down a bit, and I also love the sound and smell of rain. I was wrong. It’s very humid and it just makes the streets smells more like…wet dogs I guess. I forgot a rather large detail in Thailand – motorbikes.

I ride motorbikes everyday to and from school to get to the MRT (underground station). I also walk from the stations to school and around where I live. I’m afraid I’ll have to get used to being wet for a while. The rainy season lasts for five to six months. Welcome frizzy hair and smeared mascara!

I will now be in search for a better water proof rain jacket for this one didn’t do the job. My backpack is completely soaked so I’m not sure what kind of idea I’ll come up with for that. I still thank the Lord for rain because without it, there wouldn’t be a harvest.

*This selfie is to prove I was soaked even though I think I look like the scientist off of “Despicable Me”.

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