Be That City on the Hill

“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

I mainly read the first part of the verse without given the second part much thought. But then I did. A city that’s on a hill…I thought, “What draws people to a city on a hill?”

I have a scene in my head from my childhood that plays over and over. It’s a sweet memory of just driving down the road late at night. We were listening to some upbeat Gospel songs from Jimmy Swaggart. The reason why I have this memory is because I loved it when my parents would just worship the Lord in the front seat together! It’s something so rare and special. Driving anywhere together has always been one of my favorite things. It was late at night and I remember seeing a ton of little lights up ahead and was hoping we were going to where the lights were! Why? I really have no idea. My mind goes blank after that but maybe it was so if we stopped somewhere I could get some chicken nuggets. (I’m not always that spiritual ok.)

But it was the lights from that city I was drawn too! I have always been attracted to anything that lit up. It meant that city is going to be alive!! It was going to be able to offer me something I didn’t have! (Like chicken nuggets! Jk.) When Jesus said we need to be a city on a hill, He’s talking about a place that’s alive. A place that people are drawn too. A place where people can look up and see where it stands! A place that’s so on fire for Him, people can literally see it!

That’s the kind of city I want to be for people.

You might think, “Oh…well I’m just one person. I can’t make that big of a difference.” If we all thought like that, there wouldn’t be a city at all. Jesus said, “YOU are the light of the world.” He didn’t say, “You and plus others.” He said, “YOU!” We each are given a light, so what are you doing with it? What are we offering people? What kind of light are we shining? Does it flicker on and off from time to time or is it a solid light of living holy?

YOU can be that city on a hill, shining brightly for someone in their darkest night. Someone who needs faith. Someone who needs hope. Someone who needs love. Be a city that’s alive for Him. Be a city that isn’t ashamed to be hidden, but boldly proclaiming His name! Let people be drawn to that type of city. Let it be Christ they see!

I might only have one match – but I can make an explosion. Go light your match for the One Who is the Light!

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