Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

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Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

This is probably a good thing that I shouldn’t base my life off of what I comprehend for I don’t understand a lot of things. But what the author is saying here is we can’t go based off of what we think, feel, or even know.

#Think – Our mind is a funny thing. It thinks too much and next thing you know you’re twenty years down the road and lost the car keys worrying about every detail that could come your way.

#Feel – Feelings are tricky because even our own hearts can be deceptive. We love this person or doing this project but the minute something doesn’t go our way, we’re mad at them or upset about how it went. Our feelings change too much for us to rely on them.

#Know – Knowledge is something that we have studied and also experienced. We only can go so far with this. We honestly base life decisions on what we see happening as the end result. (Totally guilty!!)

I’ve been focusing on the “lean not on your own understanding” part. Leaning is when you let the weight shift off of you onto someone else and fully rely on them. (I really wish this worked with body fat – can I get an Amen?!) Leaning means you are trusting in that source completely and in that case for me it is the Lord.

Walking home from school, I always pray. Pray for safety most of all and because Jesus is the best friend I could have and I know He understands my language. (Haha) I felt Him tell me, “I need to trust His plan and not what I have planned out.” Kind of scared me a bit. It felt so direct but yet I had such an overwhelming peace. Then I got worried again…what do I have planned out? I have a million things planned out. Then I started laughing walking up the stairs to get on the skytrain.

That’s all part of the journey God has each and everyone of us on. We have no idea where our paths will lead us to go. But if we trust in Him to guide us, they will always lead straight to Jesus!

อย่าพึ่งพาความเข้าใจของตนเอง เชื่อในพระเจ้า

(Lean not on your own understanding. Believe in God’s.)

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