What a Beautiful Name

“Jesus” – there is just something beautiful about that name.

As we were all walking to find a place to teach the community children, a dad dropped off his little girl to join the group. When he saw me, he seemed to get excited and asked me a question. I just smiled and shook my head saying, “May passa thay”. He shook his head and said, “Me no Thai, no English” and drove away on his motorbike nodding goodbye. I realized he must be Karen and was speaking Karen. He got excited when he saw I was wearing a Karen shirt thinking I knew the language. Sorry sir…Thai is a big enough struggle for me.

So on we walked and I took the little Karen girl by the hand. I easily fall in love with all the children but this was this little girl’s first time. Plus her thin, little, black pigtails just made her the cutest thing!

On the side of an alley road, I was telling the children the story about how Mary and Joseph thought Jesus was missing and couldn’t find Him! The little Karen girl crawled up in my lap and whispered, “Jesus” with the biggest smile.

I couldn’t help but smile so big and say His name back to her, “Jesus.” We don’t speak each other’s languages but when you say the name Jesus, something about that name just makes everything alright! What a beautiful name it is!

The name of Jesus brings comfort and breaks down strongholds. The name of Jesus satisfies your needs and fills you with great joy. The name of Jesus covers a multitude of sins and heals our land. The name of Jesus brings light and life to every dark and hollow place. The name of Jesus brings so much love to every hurting soul.

I could spend all day with these precious little ones. They are so eager to learn Bible stories and they are smart little whooper snappers when it comes to mimicking me.

Jesus loves you


Prayesu rak khun

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