“Striwit 2” School

God always goes before you! Always!!

Jennie was trying to get ahold of this particular School for we teach some of these students on Sunday in our English class. We want to keep the connection with the students and build a relationship with the school as well. They said it was very hard to get ahold of the Principal as well as the Deputy Director of the Academic Department.

We prayed and walked into the School and they were holding their yearly meeting of all days, so every single teacher and director was there! Only problem was that the ones we needed to talk to were all the way up front. So guess where they brought us? Up front in front of hundreds of people to have a meeting in front of everyone. I just smiled and nodded when I needed to. They are excited to have me volunteer and so now I will be starting an English Club on Fridays along with Jennie and Tui.

I believe the grades will be around 6th-10th grade. I’m so excited and thankful for this opportunity and for God opening all these doors.

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