P’Moo’s Testimony

I’m so glad I got to spend time with P’Moo. It’s sometimes hard to spend one on one time with people because of the language barrier but P’Moo does know some English!

Some people think that short Mission Trips don’t do a lot of good – her life proves that theory wrong. P’Moo was a Senior in College and went to an English Camp. (The same kind we have already had and are preparing for two more.) At the camp, a Missionary she never met went up to her and told her, “Jesus loves you.” She began to question who this Jesus was and how these people can have so much love towards everyone. She started asking questions and by the end of the camp she asked Jesus into her heart.

She told me not knowing anything about the Bible, she started reading it and God made it come alive for her. He has helped her understand things and how to live a Christian life.

One of her favorite things to do was to read Harry Potter books but when she read them after she became a Christian, she realized that God brought her out of that darkness and she should have no part of it. She went on to tell me there’s so much darkness in Thailand with people praying to Buddha, false hope, spirits in trees, and reincarnation that she had to put away and stop certain things to not satisfy darkness.

Before the camp, P’Moo had her life mapped out of how she was going to kill herself. She was going to do it after camp. She thought it would be better to “try again” for Thai culture – they believe in reincarnation. She thanks the Lord that she went to that camp for God spared and saved her life.

This shows a little act of love goes such a long way! When you support Missions – you have a part in planting seeds of hope into someone’s life!! P’Moo is just one example of millions.

Fun fact: For every adult, you always put “P” in the front for respect. If they are younger than you, you put “Nóng” before their name. “Moo” also means pig pork in Thai. It’s just her nickname. 🙂

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