Happy Father’s Day

Joseph…did you want to pack your tools and go to a place where nobody whispered, “There goes Mary’s fool.”

Joseph…did you look up and raise your hands praying, “God, You know I’ve always tried to be a righteous man.”

Joseph…Did you lie awake confused thinking about the small town scandal and what love is supposed to do?

Joseph…maybe you felt betrayed but you didn’t walk by feelings, but you chose to walk by faith.

Joseph…did you ever think, ”God, are You really speaking through some angel in a dream?”

This is why Joseph is my favorite “Father figure” in the Bible. I find him to be such a gentle and loving husband towards Mary when it truly wasn’t even his own Son being born. He wouldn’t let harm come to Mary. He stood between her and and the angry world. He took the ridicule. He took the shame when it wasn’t him to even blame. I wonder if he ever thought how he could even teach Jesus being that He is the Son of God.

Joseph had a huge role to play in History whether he realized it or not. When it looks like he had to take the back seat in the Bible, He truly was a man of God. He could have walked away from Mary, from his calling, from this type of life, but he decided to be a leader in his own home and raise God’s Son. He decided to take a stand for the Truth even when people didn’t see it.

I feel like we can all relate to Joseph in some shape or form. Ever felt blamed for something you didn’t do? Ever felt like you were put in an awkward position? Ever felt fear creeping in about all the “what if’s” in life? Ever felt abandoned from your friends? Ever felt like you weren’t “good enough” to be used by God? Ever felt like nobody believed you when you told them the truth?

This was Joseph. But as we see in his life he didn’t back down, but raised Jesus as his own Son and taught him the ways of God. Let this be encouraging to everyone that no matter what role you’re given in life – do it with the best of your ability because that’s why God chose you.

God trusted Joseph to take care of Mary and Himself. God trusts my Daddy to lead His family in His ways. And since it’s Father’s Day, I encourage all the Father’s to take a stand for what God has called you to do – lead your family to Him!

I know people might say I’m biased and I admit that I am. I want to dedicate this blog to the best Daddy in the world!! I wouldn’t trade you for anyone and I’m so blessed that God gave me to you to grow under your leadership.

Even though you were good at designing in engineer work, you could have pursued this career to make good money, but instead chose to obey God’s calling on your life to become a Pastor in Ohio. This speaks volumes to me for even though in people’s eyes it didn’t make sense, you did it for people to know Christ. You denied yourself and listened to the Lord. Even when people ridicule you, and you want to go somewhere else, you raise your hands to God’s will. You always stand for the Truth.

Thank you for being a spiritual leader in my life and always pointing me to Christ. Happy Father’s Day, my Daddy. I love you!

One Reply to “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. Yes, you are very fortunate to have such a loving, caring father. I’m so glad you love and appreciate him. This was a great choice of words for your Father’s Day blog. Love ya to pieces. Granda


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