My 24th Birthday

I love dresses. In Thailand there’s so many clothes you get can super cheap off the street and I found this gem among them.

Today I am 24 years old! I have to say that I’m not very thrilled about this birthday and I can just imagine having a midlife crisis on my 25th birthday. (Haha) I wish I could make time stop or slow down. I feel like everyday I’m racing the clock because I’m not where I thought I would be or what I wanted my life to look like. There’s so many things I want to work towards and achieve. But then there are moments where God just stops me, tells me to be still and whispers that He makes everything beautiful in His time.

I sit back in amazement of what God has done in my life and where He has brought me. He created time and makes things grow and bloom when He says to. If I force what I want to happen, it will all crumble. Sometimes good things take time to work towards. I would not be here at all if it weren’t for His strength leading and guiding me. Sometimes we have our life mapped out of what we want it to look like but His ways are so much higher than our own.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

I used this scripture during a difficult time for my 22nd birthday but didn’t believe it. Now on my 24th birthday I truly believe that God makes everything beautiful in His time. He has given a whole new meaning to me about it. He holds time and holds eternity and He holds my life.

This year I have grown in so many new ways – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have learned to live by myself, being totally dependent on God and for people to believe in His work for I truly live day by day from support. That’s a hard subject to talk about for it truly humbles you, but thank you. You know who you are and I couldn’t be more grateful for each donor, each supporter, and each prayer partner. Living here is spiritually different too and I know God has challenged me in this area.

People have been asking me lately why Thailand? Because everyday I see Buddha in every home and on every street corner. I want them to be free in Christ. God has given me a burden for these people despite the daily struggles I have. We have to keep the focus, mission, and purpose in front of us so we don’t lose sight of why we are here.

So I thank God today for the 24 years He has guided me. I’m thankful for the 24 years of never forsaking me. I’m thankful for the 24 years He has breathed life into me.

I’m so incredibly blessed by the OnePlusGod team here in Thailand making me feel so loved and special on this day. I miss my family and especially my twin on this day, but they made sure even though I’m across the world that I had a Happy Birthday.

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