Right Before the Team Got To Thailand

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Right Before the Team Got To Thailand

We are going to go back a month on blogs to catch everybody up on what has happened. This has been a busy month and I’m sorry I haven’t posted about what has been going on during that period of time.

To explain a little bit, I was getting ready for the American Team of OPG to come to Thailand, they arrived, we went up north to the jungle, came back to Bangkok, I left with the team to go back to the USA to surprise my parents, I stayed for a few weeks, and now I am back in Bangkok. I feel like that was a long run on sentence because that’s what I’ve been doing all month – running. (Haha)

On Friday, June 14th, I just got back from Thai School. I was leaving my apartment to go teach when Pastor Wayne called me. He asked me if I was sitting down and I quickly did just that. He had me say out loud, “God is good all the time.” And that made me panic even more what he was about to say, but I realized that it was the truth. No matter what, God is good all the time – it’s just our circumstances may not be that good…and I was pretty sure my circumstances were about to change. He told me that Nok Air canceled the whole team’s tickets to go to Mae Sot. My mouth just dropped. How could they possibly do that a few days before our flight AND with twelve tickets? How were we going to replace twelve tickets with such a short notice?

I was able to get a hold of P’Pan and Jennie to tell them I couldn’t make it to teach and got a hold of Nok Air. That in itself was a challenge finding someone who could speak pretty good English. I just had to remain calm and speak slowly.

The reasoning of the cancellation was there was a mechanical problem with the plane so another reason why to thank God we weren’t on that flight. I was on the phone back and forth for an hour with Nok Air and Pastor Wayne and I was able to get all the tickets switched over on the same day. The flight was just a few hours later in the day than what we expected.

Another huge blessings in disguise was that we ended up not paying for the luggage! If you ever fly Nok Air (please don’t) they will tell you that your luggage is included until you get to the airport, then they will charge you for all of it. (Speaking from experience.) But because of the flight change, all of the luggage was added to our tickets. That my friend is because God is good all the time!

Talk about a panic attack. But that wasn’t everything. The night before something else devastating happened…

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